Marlo Wear & Care

What size boot or Sandals should I order?
All our products are true to size, order your normal size 

How do I care for my boots?
It’s important to keep your natural rubber boots clean. Mud or salt water, left on
your boots overtime will cause the rubber to degrade and can result in cracks in the rubber.
They’re easy to clean! Just use cool water to wipe down your boots using a soft
cloth. You can use a mild soap but avoid any harsh chemicals, solvents etc.
Let your boots dry naturally, and keep them away from heat.

Natural rubber can dry out and crack in some climates. We recommend oiling your boots with a natural oil (olive oil) once a month to prevent this from happening.  To do this, simply clean your boots to remove any dirt, dry well.  Rub oil in with a clean sponge and leave to soak into the rubber over night.  Wipe off any excess oil the following day.

Natural rubber will not withstand direct sunlight or being left near a heat source. Extreme changes in
temperature will weaken the natural rubber bonds, which can unfortunately cause
cracks and deformation of your boots. 

How long will my boots last?

Marlo boots have been designed for style and wear in an urban and country setting.
They are not a technical boot made for heavy duty usage in extreme environments
or temperatures.

How should I store my boots?
Store your boots in an upright position in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

I’ve noticed a white film on my boots. What caused this and what can I do?
This sounds like a characteristic of high quality, natural rubber called “blooming”.
This is a common with natural, high-quality rubber and does not affect the durability or quality of the boot. When this happens, just wipe it down with a wet cloth or a little olive oil.


Scuff marks can be removed with a rubber eraser

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